Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Next Reveal

For the unfamiliar, a "reveal" in screenwriting parlance is the placement of key, revelatory information in a story. Most times, the last reveal is the most important revelation of all.


In case anyone has been wondering why I haven't posted yet since last week, it's because I am deep into a screenplay and trying to beat a deadline. I had considered posting this project, a piece at a time, as it developed. I thought it would be a fun exercise and might get some comments raising a good dialog. But several folks convinced me, given the way things work on the Net, that's a bad idea. Too bad, because it could have been fun.

The script is a big change for me. I normally work in the horror and thriller genres. This script is kind of a "caper" tale. It's set in Hollywood during the "spec" boom of the late '80s to mid-'90s. It's kind of a "mashup" of The Player, The Sting, and Body Heat. But it has its own story. While writing it I've noticed I've had kind of a break-through in my writing. This script is much more free-form. It's like the difference between jazz and classical music, an Altman film and a Spielberg film. It's looser, more spontaneous, and turning out to be a real learning experience. And none of that was planned.  

I will try to get a new post up later today or tomorrow. It will likely be a Studio Stories post, with little commentary.

My apologies for the delays. #


Lee A. Matthias

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