Friday, April 1, 2011

ScriptShadow Reviews THE SLEEP OF REASON!

For the unfamiliar, a "reveal" in screenwriting parlance is the placement of key, revelatory information in a story. Most times, the last reveal is the most important revelation of all.


He sleeps fitfully.

In the darkness, the SOUND of SOFT BRUSHING (OS) suggests someone’s presence.

A HAND, feminine, moves snake-like over the bed-clothes and begins to stroke his face and head.

Beside him is the DIM FORM of a woman (Elsbeth), in a diaphanous gown through which soft, pearlescent skin glows in the moonlight: smooth, long, full, round... overwhelming.

        I’ve missed you so...

He stirs, quite drunk, trying to regain himself.

He is kissed, enclosed, stroked, caressed. He responds.


        Say nothing. You’ve come 
        back to me at last.

He’s assaulted, devoured. He frees himself for air.

        You must return with me...

        Shhh... Love me. Love... us.

Around him are OTHERS: vaporous forms, softness, skin, caressing him, loving him. He’s overpowered.


He awakens, alone in the darkness. Was it a dream?
His door is slightly ajar, but he doesn’t see it.


FOUR WOMEN, three dark-haired, and one blond, walk away through the darkness. One of them, the blond, is Elsbeth.

Their expressions indicate satiety, contentment. As they walk, they begin to “MORPH” into one another, over and over, so that we never really know who is whom.

They begin to smile, all the while transforming from one to the next.

From my screenplay, "The Sleep of Reason"

Today, April Fool's Day, I finally return to The Last Reveal. I've been writing, and unable to attend this blog. My apologies.

My script has received a review today at Carson Reeve's ScriptShadow blog. Please check it out, and don't forget the comments section!

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